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I Choose

Im not the one to judge someone for who they love, if you love someone then you do. I believe that you can fall in love with the same sex, we are humans and we love humans. I dont have a problem with gay marriage or any of it. One thing that does bother me is when a gay person says they didnt choose to be gay, you maybe didnt choose who you fell in love with but you did choose to be gay, i can easily admit that i choose to be straight, i choose the path to like the opposite sex. You can be gay but you defiantly choose your way. I am easily attracted to women, i do believe i can love a women just as much as i can love a man- my boyfriend. I believe i can date a women and be just as happy, even more happier- who knows? But knowing all that, i choose to be straight bc of my beliefs. So i dont understand why if a straight person lets out their opinion, we are wrong but if a gay person does it, its beautiful? I easily just admitted what i am bc of what i choose, have i ever dated a girl-no. Doesn’t mean i never wanted to, or thought about it. Yes i look at women like that, but i control what i feel. and i choose my path. so why cant you admit you choose to be gay. What is it any different to say that i cant fight for what i believe, and if you are saying that i cant choose to be straight bc its what is “normal” and i cant fight for my rights about it, then you are contradicting yourself.