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What is hope? When do you give up on hope?

HOPE: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

What is faith?

FAITH: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

So when do i just have enough and give up? when is it okay to give up? What happens when you did all you could and don’t know what to do anymore. There are stages to giving up on a person bc of the pain they have brought to you. There is the angry stage and this stage is most common its where you find out the truth about what you have been lied to about and you get mad, angry bc you think that showing them your mad will make them change but it doesn’t. Then there the upset stage and this is the stage where you find out the truth and your upset with the person, not mad just disappointed you know? that stage doesn’t last long Then there is the crying stage where you cry and show them what the lies are doing to you, that its hurting you. And if that doesn’t make the person want to change then there is the silence stage, this is where you don’t know anymore, you don’t know what kind of effect you have towards the lie, so you sit there in silence bc you have no energy for words or tears anymore. Then there is the stage where you think about harming yourself you have thoughts and ideas and you just think….think….think…and then not to far from that you start doing the things you that about doing…the harm. So whats after that?? If someone has put you thru all that what do you do? When is it the time to say enough… i am done, When the hope is gone? When there’s no faith evolved? What do you do when you want something to work so freaking bad that you let that person literally eat every strength in your body and ,make you weak. Is it to the point where you know the truth but you don’t wanna believe it bc you know you aren’t strong enough to even handle it anymore… so you live a lie bc that’s all you can do, so your living depending on a lie to be okay. Is that when you say enough? Bc if it is why am i still here why is there still faith…hope…why haven’t i given up?